How Unexpected Dreams Can Build a Legacy of Hope



Julie Lyles Carr, Legacy of Hope Founder

Never in her wildest dreams did Legacy of Hope founder, Julie Lyles Carr, imagine that someone would miraculously offer her funds to start a foundation that would help families like hers. Among her eight children, she had two with special needs – one who had experienced a stroke at birth and another who had experienced hearing loss. She was very familiar with the financial burdens and time constraints that often exist for families who have children with disabilities. When a foundation practically dropped funds into her lap, she knew exactly what to do. She founded Legacy of Hope, providing respite for parents, and opportunities for children with special needs to participate in activities otherwise unavailable to them.

The organization offers dance classes through the 2dance2dream program, horseback riding through 2ride2dream and child care through 2night2dream. It just so happened that among Julie’s children there was a professional dancer in the mix, McKenna Carr. So, in 2010, when Legacy of Hope began, Julie brought the 16-year-old on board to help build 2dance2dream. Now 21, McKenna is Director of the program.

McKenna Carr, Director of 2dance2dream
McKenna Carr, 2dance2dream Director

While I am certain the road has been difficult at times, I am struck by the evidence that their paths and purpose seem so clearly directed by God. In this interview, you will hear how, along with a team of mostly volunteers, Julie and McKenna have helped families find their own unexpected dreams.

If you want to learn more about the programs, visit,,, and Also, check out the 2dance2dream dancers at Immerse Austin 2015!

Many thanks to McKenna and Julie for sharing their story!





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