An Unplanned Journey to Hospice Chaplaincy


The Reddy Family
The Reddy Family



People are often led down unexpected paths in life, but if a person is intentional, they can find purpose on the journey. Mel Reddy had no idea he would eventually become a hospice chaplain, but he always had the intention to serve. With that vague but worthy goal in mind, he obtained a Master of Arts in Human Service Counseling from Regent University, not knowing exactly what he might do with the degree, and later a Master of Theological Studies from Urshan Graduate School of Theology. Eventually, he and his wife Lisa Reddy moved to Cedar Park, Texas, to start and co-pastor The Sanctuary. Soon after, the unexpected occurred. I hope you enjoy his story!

If you would like to learn more about Pastor Mel, visit I appreciate Pastor Mel’s time!

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