The Ravens of 2015

I want to give a big thank you to the Ravens of 2015 for sharing their stories and hearts. Below are updates on each of them.

Spotlight on Opera – Cindy Sadler
Spotlight on Opera is thrilled to announce that they are now a 501(c)3 public charity and can accept tax deductible donations as well as write grants to help support their vision of Opera for Everybody through their top-notch educational programs, touring children’s opera, and intimate, accessible productions. This summer, they will celebrate their 10th Anniversary Season with many exciting plans, including a touring children’s opera, new student directing program, and new musical theater workshop and revue.

Pastor Mel Reddy
­­Pastor Mel Reddy continues to bless and serve families and individuals through hospice care and through lead-pastoring “The Sanctuary” in Cedar Park, Texas.

Patrick Perez
Towards the middle of 2015 Patrick stepped back from professional speaking to avoid burnout and enjoyed life as a Lyft/Uber driver. A minor foot injury put his dance life on hold, but he is now back to “beast mode” status traveling, speaking, dating, dancing, moving, grooving, food-truck-exploring and winning!

He teamed up with his crew member Gabriel Lozano and celebrity dancer Donovan Gibbs in November to knock out two epic performances with an American Lung Association Tobacco-Free Living event called “Raze.” Patrick says, “Keep on dancing!”

No More, No Mas – Chaplain Lea Walker-Clark
No More, No Mas has served the Austin/Travis County Community for over 8 years, serving over 15 women, children and families in 2015. They are looking forward to serving up to 200 plus in the upcoming year at their new location, Mt. Carmel Building, 1704 East 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78702!

2dance2dream – Julie Lyles Carr and McKenna Carr
2dance2dream Performance Company TX performed at the Austin Trail of Lights. During this performance, they joined with another local dance group called Pivot Dance Company, in which the neurotypical students partnered with and supported the students with special needs. This served as an opportunity for mentorship and leadership as well as one of 2dance2dream’s very favorite things -­­ inclusion.

A big congratulations to McKenna Carr, the director of 2dance2dream, who was awarded with an NBC USA Unites Honorable Mention! See the following link for more information:­unites­awards/award­winners/mckenna­jane­carr

I look forward to speaking to many more Ravens in 2016! Happy New Year and God bless you all!

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