If your shoe flies off, keep on dancing… with Patrick Perez

  Patrick Perez began encouraging me to accomplish my goals the moment we met. This seems to come naturally to Patrick, and for good reason; encouraging people is his job. He is a motivational speaker for youth. Whatever you may think a motivational speaker is, Patrick is probably not that. Patrick is special. He is a […]

An Unplanned Journey to Hospice Chaplaincy

      People are often led down unexpected paths in life, but if a person is intentional, they can find purpose on the journey. Mel Reddy had no idea he would eventually become a hospice chaplain, but he always had the intention to serve. With that vague but worthy goal in mind, he obtained a Master of Arts […]

The Spotlight Belongs on Opera Singer Cindy Sadler

  A singing career is not glamorous and has little glory, according to mezzo-soprano, Cindy Sadler.  So, why keep doing it? Because the sensation of classical singing is glorious and the artistic soul needs to make art. Losing the ability to communicate music to an audience would be equivalent to being an amputee, according to this […]